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The 150th Anniversary of Jersey City Public Schools

Sinfonia Watford, Raphael Montoya, and Alae Bouchaaib January 19, 2024

     The 150th anniversary of Jersey City Public Schools took place at William L. Dickinson High School on October 28th. This event commemorated those who contributed to the making of Jersey City Public...

2023 Middle School Spirit Week & Battle of the Grades

2023 Middle School Spirit Week & Battle of the Grades

Isheeta Chandrasekhar January 1, 2024

Spirit Week Overview:  For the last week of school before winter break, Infinity Institute allows a free dress down every day that complies with a certain theme. For example, during one of the days...

2023 Infinity Institute Middle School Science Fair

2023 Infinity Institute Middle School Science Fair

Isheeta Chandrasekhar December 13, 2023

Each year, thousands of thousands of students all across the United States participate in their school’s science fair. And each one of these projects involve a thorough amount of research, a hypothesis...

Get to Know the Student Council!

Get to Know the Student Council!

December 2, 2023

Written by: THE GREATS: Sarakshi Vhotkar, Misheeta Thakral, Pari Patel, and Nirvi Shah Have you ever wondered why it is important to have administration or people in a higher position than you? Well,...

Infinity’s NHS and NJHS 2023

Srishti Ranjan November 30, 2023

Infinity Institute now presents a chapter for 2023’s NHS and NJHS. If you are not aware, the NHS stands for the National Honor Society. This society is an international organization that is based on...

2022-2023 College and Career Awareness Week

Aairah Shaikh and Rukshara Shruti Mandava October 16, 2023

From March 20th to March 24th, the school spirit club presented College and Career Awareness Week! This event, unique among Infinity Institute’s traditional events, highlighted the various paths students...

Infinity Institutes Week of Respect

Infinity Institute’s Week of Respect

Jana Salem October 16, 2023

In an ever-changing world where kindness, compassion, and respect are vital to creating a harmonious society, Jersey City Public Schools have once again taken a proactive stance against bullying through...

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

What’s the Buzz Behind Spelling Bees?

Isheeta Chandrasekhar April 4, 2023

Picture a student skimming through a stapled bunch of papers, shaking side to side nervously until called up to a dimly lit stage. A judge right in front of the student reads a word off of a packet...

Spirit Week 2022

Spirit Week 2022

Nirvi Shah February 7, 2023

Once a year, here, Infinity Institute holds Spirit Week, where all grades participate in some kind of activity every day! This year, there was Monochrome Monday where you would have to dress up in one...

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