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Holi - The Indian Festival

Holi – The Indian Festival

Nirvi Shah March 26, 2024

READ THIS ARTICLE Author’s Note: Most of you know me for my funny and biased articles, but this one is definitely not going to be funny (wink, wink). Even if it's not funny, I assure you that it will...

Texas v. The Federal Government

Texas v. The Federal Government

Sinfonia Watford, Writer March 10, 2024

     Immigration is what started the country, but it turned into what is breaking us apart. The United States is built on the foundation of laws, social contract, and natural rights, not only for its...

2022-2023 College and Career Awareness Week

Aairah Shaikh and Rukshara Shruti Mandava October 16, 2023

From March 20th to March 24th, the school spirit club presented College and Career Awareness Week! This event, unique among Infinity Institute’s traditional events, highlighted the various paths students...

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

What’s the Buzz Behind Spelling Bees?

Isheeta Chandrasekhar April 4, 2023

Picture a student skimming through a stapled bunch of papers, shaking side to side nervously until called up to a dimly lit stage. A judge right in front of the student reads a word off of a packet...

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