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If you have not noticed, this article will be on the hit show Wednesday. Now, before you start reading, I will have to warn you. If you plan on watching the show, then DO NOT read this article. 


So, now that you have decided to read this article, I can spoil it in every way that I want to. Don’t tell me it was my fault that you decided to read this article. 


To give a summary to the folks who are too scared to read this article, here is a short description. I hope you do not find it helpful. 

If you have watched the Addams Family this will be easier for you to understand, and then again, if you have not it’s not my problem. 

Wednesday Addams is the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams. She is an outcast and after she continually got kicked out of literally every school she attended, her parents convinced her to go to Nevermore, the old school which they had attended. Wednesday, who was not quite keen about this, was planning on escaping. However, after she finds out that she may be destined to destroy the school, she changes her mind. 

The people who do not intend on reading this article because its reading 


I was planning on keeping this at the end however, I believe that more than 90% will not read beyond this because you have “too much work to do” and ‘work’ in this case is playing video games.
Therefore, I will provide my review of Wednesday before you children go “work.” 

After watching Wednesday (the show), I was impressed with the detail and what infuriated me was that I never suspected Tyler of being Hyde. So yes, Wednesday did have a good plot and it does indeed keep you on your toes. However, what I must say is that Wednesday is also slightly overrated. Yes, I did enjoy it however, I believe that Wednesday only received this much fame because of the great job that all of the actors have done. So, no, I am not going to give you fellow readers whether Wednesday is a definite yes or no. It’s in the middle. 


Episode 1: Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe 

The first episode starts off with Wednesday narrating and her walking into a high school. She finds her brother in a locker and gets a vision which tells her you did this to her brother. To get back at them, Wednesday decides to throw piranhas in the pool where they are swimming. I don’t think you want to know what happened to them. But, what I can say is that she got expelled. Now, from this, I know you are horrified but this is Wednesday’s typical personality. She’s dark and gloomy and very unpredictable. Oh yeah, she doesn’t smile or blink…at all. Moving on. After getting expelled, Wednesday gets accepted into Nevermore Academy which is the school her parents attended. She meets her new roomie, Enid Sinclair who has the complete opposite personality as her. Meanwhile, Wednesday is trying to escape and when she meets barista Tyler Galpin, he agrees to help her escape at the carnival. However, her plan fails after Rowan slams her into a tree and tries to harm her after noticing how she is destined to cause harm to the school. But just at this time, a monster comes and ends Rowan’s life. 

Tun-tun-tun (Rising music). Interesting? I know, I’m amazing. It’s obvious. 


Episode 2: Woe is the Loneliest Number: 

In this next episode, Wednesday tries to convince the others that Rowan did not survive and that he is not still alive; however, nobody believes her. So, she sends Thing (a hand) to follow him after he gets ‘expelled’. However, Thing is unable to keep track and loses Rowan’s tracks. Turns out that Weems can change who she is (she’s a shape-shifter) and she changed into Rowan to cover up for the entire thing. Meanwhile, the Poe Cup is going on and Wednesday joins the team, The Black Cats so that she could beat Bianca. The Poe Cup ended with The Black Cats winning because of Wednesday’s knowledge. And yes, thanks to Thing, too. Wednesday suddenly became interested with what had happened with Rowan and therefore went to investigate and was able to find Rowan’s glasses in the woods however, still, nobody believed her. 


Episode 3: Friend or Woe 

In Nevermore Academy of Outcasts, all of the students participate in volunteer work and Wednesday switches with Enid so that she could further investigate what happened in the woods at night and what that monster was. After going to the cafe and asking for Tyler’s help, Wednesday decides to go to the old meeting house where she gets a vision of many years ago when the outcasts were being mistreated. She sees Goody Addams who was related to her and gets a better understanding of what happened during the past. When Wednesday wakes up from her vision, she finds the monster looking at her and she traces its footsteps and finds out that the monster is human. Then, Xavier shows up and this increases Wednesday’s suspicion. 


Episode 4: Woe What A Night: 

The episode starts off with Wednesday and Thing investigating the coroner’s office and Wednesday finds that the monster only hurts people and takes certain organs. She was almost caught however she narrowly escaped by pretending that she was one of the victims. In this new episode, all Nevermore students get ready for the Rave’N which is a dance held at the outcast school. Wednesday, however, has different plans. She is still trying to figure out what the monster has to do with what damage she will cause the school. Wednesday is still suspicious of Xavier and sneaks into where he brings his art to life (his ability is he can bring his art to life) and when he catches her, she covers this up by pretending that she was going to ask him to the Rave’N dance. Wednesday meanwhile tries to work with Sheriff Galpin and then when he tells her that she needs evidence, she goes back to Xavier’s shed and this time he catches her and finds out that the only reason Wednesday asked him to the Rave’N was to cover things up. After giving the evidence to Sheriff Galpin, Wednesday and Eugene decide to go together in the woods and find out more. However, unexpectedly, Tyler shows up saying that he received an invitation to the dance which Thing had written and sent without Wednesday’s permission. So, this leads Wednesday to attending the dance with Tyler and Eugene decides to go to the cave himself. In the end of the episode, we find out that Eugene is hurt after he is found by the monster at the cave. 


Episode 5: You Reap What you Woe: 

The episode starts off with Wednesday attending her first Family Weekend where her proud parents come to ask her how her life in Nevermore is so far. Wednesday finds out from Tyler that her father was accused of murder when he and Wednesday’s mother were attending Nevermore. Garrett Gates was jealous of Gomez and this led to the two of them fighting and Gates getting stabbed. Weems is the first person to find Garrett’s body. When Sheriff Galpin finds evidence that Gomez stabbed Garrett Gates, Gomez is arrested and Wednesday is told the full story. When Wednesday and her mother go to Garrett’s tomb, Wednesday finds evidence that Garrett actually passed away because of nightshade poison. His father deeply disliked the outcasts and gave him a mission of destroying the school however, instead, when Gomez and Garret where fighting, the bottle broke and the nightshade poison went inside Garrett’s body. All charges are lifted from Gomez. Meanwhile, Eugene is in the hospital after the attack and Wednesday feels guilty and believes that it is all her fault. While Wednesday and Principal Weems are talking, Wednesday finds that “Fire Will Rain” is burnt on the Nevermore lawn. 


Episode 6: Quid Pro Woe: 

The episode starts with Wednesday trying to perform a seance so that she could reach Goody Addams and ask for her help. She receives a message to go to Crackstone’s Crypt and her friends surprise her with a birthday cake for her 16th birthday. Instead of saying ‘thank you’, Wednesday finds the words “Fire Will Rain” engraved in the tomb which were the same words that were burnt on the Nevermore lawn. Wednesday finds out that the mayor was brutally hurt and this piqued her interest in finding out what happened. Wednesday calls both Tyler and Enid and says that this is her showing her appreciation for throwing a surprise birthday party. However, instead, she manipulates and they go to the Gates’ house. Tyler and Enid are slightly hurt and Tyler gets attacked by the monster. After this, Enid decides that she wants to change to another roommate after Wednesday manipulates her. 


Episode 7: If You Don’t Woe Me By Now: 

At this point, Wednesday has come very close to finding out who the master and Hyde is. Wednesday now knows that the Hyde’s master is nobody other than Laurel Gates who people assumed was not alive however, no body of hers has been found. Wednesday, a quite impulsive child goes to Dr. Kinbott’s office (her therapist) blames her saying that she was the master. The sad part is that Hyde then comes and murders her. When Wednesday goes to Xavier’s shed, she finds many items of the victims that Hyde had hurt and therefore, Xavier was arrested. However, later on, Wednesday finds out in a vision that Tyler was Hyde. Xavier was innocent. 


Episode 8: Battle Under the Blood Moon 

When Wednesday finds out that Tyler is the true Hyde, Wednesday and the Nightshades go to Xavier’s shed and question Tyler. They seem to be supporting her until she starts trying to hurt Tyler. The police come and take her to the station. Wednesday is now officially expelled. However, before she leaves, she goes to Laurel Gates (Ms. Thornhill) with Principal Weems shapeshifted as Tyler. Marilyn says that she is the master of the Hyde and when Weems turns back into herself, Thornhill acts quickly and injects Nightshade poisoning into Weems’ neck which leaves her dead. Wednesday wakes up at Crackstone’s Crypt where Laurel is using her to bring Crackstone back alive. Joseph Crackstone was a person from centuries ago however, from the beginning, he greatly disliked the outcasts and therefore, Gates was asking him to get rid of them for all time. Enid finally wolfs out and gets in a fight with Tyler (the Hyde). She beats him! Wednesday goes back to Nevermore and gets in a fight with Crackstone. Xavier shoots an arrow which gets sent to Wednesday by Crackstone. Then, Bianca wounds the pilgrim. When Crackstone turns back to Wednesday, she takes the opportunity of stabbing him in his heart, ending his life. When Laurel comes out, Eugene sends his bees which continually sting Laurel. The season ends with Tyler waking up…as a Hyde. 


Tell me the truth: 

Did you really give the effort to read this whole article? If so, good job. 


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