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Found Heaven Predictions


Found Heaven will be Conan Gray’s third studio album and it is coming out on April 5, 2024. It has an 80’s retro ‘vibe’ to it, and Conan explains that he was inspired by multiple bands while he was making this album when he performed ‘Alley Rose’ in Britain for the first time.

Theories from Visuals:

The album’s branding logo looks like it is a star in a teardrop, and it could have multiple meanings to it that relate to what the album is going to be about.

‘Teardrop Stars’ are a recent discovery in astronomy,¬†and Astronomy is a title of one of his songs which is about how time goes on in a bittersweet way and you cannot always be close to the ones you love.

Sensing – The logo could also represent how your feelings change how you sense the world around you, and how they can almost shelter you so that you have less obstacles in achieving your goals.

Hard work – The star in the teardrop could show that you have to work hard to achieve what you want to achieve, but you will find out that once you get what you want you will be forced look back on your past and think what is it you want more than where you are at at that time. This relates to the album title Found Heaven, because it shows that what you want isn’t always exactly what you think it is or it isn’t always something that will make you feel the way you want to feel. But you might as well look like the way you’re ‘supposed’ to after getting to your goals and just smile away until it is difficult to separate what you want from what is actually true.

Teardrop Tattoos – Teardrop tattoos are associated who people who commit wrongful actions, so placing a star in a teardrop could represent how when you look at a situation you can separate the light of it from the dark and decide how you want to react to that situation.

Colors: Black, Yellow, Red and Blue

Black often represents eternal darkness and yellow represents light and finding it in the darkest of situations, relating to the album’s overall bittersweet messaging. Black is a color that attracts heat, so it is important to highlight that it’s such a hard thing to do when you try to stay positive in hard situations.

Bees are often black and yellow, and they’re normally correlated with the topic of hard work that benefits others as discussed about before.

Stars are known to “blink” green and red, and flashes of red are seen in some of the album’s main pictures. These colors show the struggles that came with working hard on the pathway to achieving Conan Gray’s goals and how they pushed him to further persevere. And these colors are specifically shined on his face on the album cover.

The following tracks have already been published, so they will not be discussed later in the article

:Never Ending Song, Winner, Killing Me, Lonely Dancers, Alley Rose

Track 1: Found Heaven

Being the title of the album, this will probably show the listeners the messaging of the overall album. Therefore, it is hard to tell whether or not this will be a fairly happy or sad song. But knowing that the messaging of the album so far seems to be very bittersweet, this song might be like that as well. It is interesting that this track is the first instead of the last one because the album could be about his past experiences that got him where he is today and maybe even if he’d go back and change anything if he had the chance to.

Track 3: Fainted Love

The coloring on his face in the album cover appears to very fainted, and almost as if the main teardrop was a part of a mosaic glass, this song might be about the many different aspects that come with love. It relates to the idea that love isn’t something that has to always be glorified because of the pains it can cause in various ways, especially if one hasn’t been able to afford to feel enough respect for someone else. The word ‘faint’ shows that love is something that can affect you in the society perceived way for either the better or the worse, or maybe even both.

Track 6: The Final Flight

Fight or Flight is a track on one of his previous albums, and it is about how you have the choice to react to a situation in the polite way or the frustrated way. And both of these ways aren’t inherently wrong, but the world always has its way to circle back and give you what you deserve after a frustrating experience. This track could therefore be about his relationship with someone else ending, or that final ride of joy he experienced before it was cut short. It might be about how he may not experience anything that gives him that type of ‘thrill’ again, especially because he already ‘found heaven’.

Track 7: Miss You

This track could tie in with the previous one, however, it could also be about how he misses his previous self before he ‘found heaven’. Like as if he put away his old self to ‘find heaven’ and when he found it, he couldn’t relate to himself anymore because he lost it. And he can’t find his old self because he doesn’t know where to look.

Track 8: Bourgeoisieses

The word bourgeoisie means middle class, so it could be about how it’s hard to obtain what you perceive to be wealth when other people underestimate you because of your social status. It shows how opportunities tie in with how much money you have, and that you can’t always live a glamorous lifestyle despite the amount of money you have despite what people say. And if you were to get a certain amount of money over time and ‘change’ your social status almost, a handful of people will still cruelly consider you to be less than enough because you weren’t born into a considerable status. The track could also be about how some may treat you differently when you have money, which relates to the track Affluenza in one of his previous albums.

Track 9: Forever With Me

This track may be about how experiences build a person for who they are and how sometimes they cannot choose what experiences to carry with them and what experiences to just leave behind. It could also relate to how the memory of a person or more specifically how they make someone feel will have an impact on one’s future events.

Track 10: Eye of the Night

This track could relate to how you can always stay positive and look for the good in others, but you won’t know exactly how what you perceive to be their traits will affect what they do and how they will affect you.

Track 11: Boys & Girls

This track could be about how no one is really different from everybody else, but different social ‘norms’ should be questioned as they allow us to think that way.

Please note that these are all just theories so we don’t know what the album tracks are going to be about yet.

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