Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nirvi Shah

DISCLAIMER: The author is BIASED. 

Before you say that this is not your type, hold on. Click on this article and at least read it. It won’t take that long, you know. 

I think this is pretty obvious but I am a 100% Potterhead and don’t you dare say that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter or else…ahem. Anyways, where was I? You probably have heard of the legendary series called Harry Potter. 

Oh, gosh. How do I explain this? Maybe…I can leave you here to order the series and read it in your own time. Now that I have changed my mind, I will only give a book review on HARRY POTTER aka the most legendary series in the universe. If you disagree, I do not recommend arguing with me because I have a whole speech memorized for why Harry Potter is THE BEST series ever. So, don’t try. Your choice, formal or casual? Eh, I’ll do it in the middle. 

As a proud representative of the Newspaper Club in Infinity Institute, I will only give the best of the best biased book review. As a Potterhead, I can confirm the fact that Harry Potter is an extraordinary series. 

(Too formal?) 

harry potter is awesome and that’s why you should read it. awesome. bye 

(Too Casual?) 

First of all, Harry Potter is nicely written especially if you like reading LONG books that give precise details of literally everything. In addition to this, the wonderful descriptions, you can paint images in your head of what is happening and where. 




Now, because I am lazy, I will NOT be giving spoilers for the whole series. Only the first book. I know I’m amazing, you don’t have to say it. 

Harry Potter is about a boy named Harry whose life is terrible in the beginning of the year and he is always told that his parents died in a car crash (LIE). Then, Hagrid (the gamekeeper of Hogwarts) barges in and explains how Harry is a wizard. Harry starts his first year at Hogwarts and then blah blah blah he becomes friends with Hermione and Ron. Blah blah blah. There’s a Sorcerer’s stone hidden and they think that Snape, a professor, is going to steal it.
FOR YOUR INFORMATION: That is a terrible summary of the first book of Harry Potter and I left you on a cliffhanger because Snape is actually not the person who stole the Sorcerer’s Stone, it was…. 


Now, I know that you want to murder me but let’s wait for 2 minutes. Then, you can go ahead and murder me. BUT FOR NOW, I do need to talk about how Percy Jackson is not as good as Harry Potter. 

At this point, I am being honest. Though Percy Jackson is funny, in my opinion, it is disorganized. However, I must say that I learned a lot of Greek mythology from the Percy Jackson series. 

NOW, I am at the end of my essay and I already ran away from everybody who was trying to kill me. So, as a bookworm, I will give a list of book recommendations. (They are in order of ranking) 

  2. Heroes of Olympus 
  3. Trials of Apollo 
  4. Percy Jackson 


ANYWAYS, check out other articles written by the AMAZING 6TH GRADE WHO IS BIASED!!!! 


Before you leave, 6TH GRADE RULES!