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Things to do Before Winter Ends


This year, spring is starting on the 19th of March. This means that winter is coming to a close in about two months, and the season will start again on the 21st of December. We haven’t had the most snowy winter this season, which has definitely made some people cut back on some of their Holiday plans. Even though we can’t enjoy the winter season the way we normally do, like with winter sports and other festivities, we can still make the most of it this year. Below, I’ve listed ten things that you can do before winter ends. Each idea is put into one of five different categories. The categories listed below involve activities that you can take part in either at home or outside.


  1. Paint a winter reflection landscape.

A Winter Reflection landscape painting is a painting that has a subject or ‘muse’ that you see during the winter season. The muse that you are using in the painting is supposed to reflect off of a body of water, and it can even be frozen if you want it to! These types of paintings are really popular during winter because of the different textures and techniques it requires to be made. They are therefore likely to get more views or likes if you post one of your paintings online.

  1. Use coloring pencils to draw a scene from your favorite movie that takes place in winter.

During the winter, there are plenty of people who prefer to stay indoors watching their favorite movies or series. Creating a scene from one of these movies is a great way to unleash your creativity about something you actually like. If you want to take a spin on this prompt, you can even try drawing the scene with little shapes or blocks so that it almost embodies the features of a mosaic.

  1. Taking photographs.

If you are planning to go to a scenic spot or are just planning to buy some groceries at a store, taking a few pictures would allow you to remember that experience and lead you to a more wholesome outlook on your life. These pictures need not be ‘homely’ or messy, but you can watch videos online or read books about how you can take better pictures. Taking pictures as a side hustle would also help a lot of families out during the winter season, helping to keep you busy and earn a little bit of extra money.



  1. Make paper snowflakes.

Paper snowflakes are popular among people of almost all ages, and do not require a lot of tools to be made. They only require paper and a pair of scissors. Start by either folding the paper in half or in fourths and then start cutting little designs onto it. You can color your snowflake in once you open it back up. Making paper snowflakes is a fun activity to do with your friends or your younger siblings if you have any.

  1. Create a countdown chain.

Even though countdown chains are usually used to count the days until Christmas starts, they can also be used to count the days until the winter season ends or the spring season starts. Instead of using red and green alone, you can use other colors to make these chains. Instead of only leaving the pieces of paper you used to make the chain blank, you can assign yourself goals or tasks that you have to complete every day. It is similar to a to do list or planner, except it involves to write down only one of your main motives every day.


Common at home activities

  1. Baking.

I tend to see a lot of new recipes online during the winter and fall season, so finding new recipes to try out is not a necessarily hard topic to research about. You might not be the best baker, but you can definitely improve your cooking skills by baking this season.

  1. Redecorating your room.

Dopamine is a chemical that is released into the brain whenever you complete a task or even try something new. This doesn’t have to be a huge achievement that you complete, but it is meant to help improve yourself just one step further. Changing the layout of your room can affect your mindspace and help you prepare for spring.

  1. Make Maple Taffy.

Maple Taffy is a popular snack made in Canada around Christmas time, and it involves snow and maple syrup. If you do not want to use snow to make it because there is either not enough clean snow or no snow at all, you can use crushed ice as a substitute for it. It may not taste the same, but it is worth a try!

Outdoor Activities

  1. Hiking.

If you have the right tools for it, like a jacket and other clothing items to keep you warm and hiking supplies, you could definitely try hiking! You can do this alone or with others, especially when it isn’t snowing. It is not recommended to go camping in the winter however, because you have a greater chance of getting sick this way.

  1. Donate.

You do not have to necessarily donate money directly to certain organizations, but you can rather donate clothes or items that you don’t use anymore.


Hopefully these ideas inspire you to make the most of the winter season, and make a lot of memories!


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