Battle of the Grades

Battle of the Grades

Nirvi Shah, Witer

Disclaimer: This article is biased!


FIRST THING TO DO: Admire my beautiful artwork. 

This year the School Spirit Club in Infinity Institute has started something new and it is called Battle of the Grades! Do not worry, I will explain all of the games that will be played and their rules. But first, I must start off with something more important. 

Do not blame me because I did give you a disclaimer! Let me start off by bragging about how amazing the 6th grade is just to give you an idea. of what you are going to have to go against. You may be aware that the 8th grade won the Pep Rally which was before winter break.. (Check out my article and comments on the Pep Rally). But, that did not lower the 6th grade classes’ spirits. Well, it did a bit. But ignore that fact. We are preparing for this new battle and we have some of the best basketball players, ping-pong players, and more. Not scared yet? I am not going to assure you that the 6th grade class is going to win because last time I did that…it was an embarrassment. However, what I can assure you is that the 6th grade is coming back stronger than ever with the help of Ms. Anquillano. Just a word of precaution. 

Now that I have finished my bragging and my disclaimer, I will share the facts that everyone has been waiting for. Unless you want me to continue bragging because I for one would love to continue. The Battle of the Grades has different activities than the ones in the Pep Rally, if you were wondering. The Battle of the Grades includes Red Light Green Light, Head Shoulders Knees & Cones, Giant Ping-Pong, Karaoke, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Volleyball, Basketball, Dodge the Pins, Head Hoop, Television Mashup, Keep Up the Balloon, Badminton, Hula Hoop Pass, Human Caterpillar. A lot of activities planned out for the middle and high schoolers, am I right? 

Next, the rules for each of the games. Buckle yourself up because this is going to be one long paragraph! 

Red Light Green Light– Everybody starts off at a line and when the person says ‘green light’, you can move forward but if the person says ‘red light’, then you must immediately stop. If you continue moving after the person has said ‘red light’, you are out of the game. 

Head Shoulders Knees & Cones- Honestly, I am just TIRED. GIVE ME A BREAK. 

Giant Ping-Pong- Do not ask me why but THE NAME IS FALSE. They will give you a soccer ball and you have to throw it into the bucket. Get it? No? It’s okay. You’ll figure it out.

Karaoke- You sing and have a good time.


Hungry Hungry Hippos- This is a two-player game per team. There will be a hula hoop and a lot of balls in it. One person will be laying on a scooter on their stomach and the other person will be pushing them. The team that has the most balls in their bucket wins. 

Volleyball- Volleyball uses a ball and you have to hit it over the net. If you don’t understand the rules, search it up because I do not have enough energy to explain this. 

Keep the Balloon Up- Do I have to explain this? 

Anyways, there are a lot more games but I think it’s okay if I don’t explain all of them. I mean, give me mercy. What did you expect? Me to write everything down? No, I don’t think so. 

So, moving on. This is a bit embarrassing to say but as a biased author, I must say the truth even though I would prefer to lie. So, what I will start off with is that 6th Grade did much better this time! But, I guess 8th Grade just did better. Well, correction. They had a 10-point start off because of Darlene Sotto. Ahem, In the beginning of the Battle of the Grades it looked like either 6th Grade or 7th Grade was going to win. I will proudly say that I won the Giant Ping-Pong for my grade so, ha! Do I have to be a good sport? I mean, I did put a warning at the beginning, so, it is your fault if you decided to read this. 


Now, high-school. So, of course, I can’t say much about high-school because as a fellow middle-schooler I have not seen how they played. What I can say, though, is that 12th Grade or the Seniors won the tournament. 

Now, let me end off with some bragging.

The 6th Grade had the most amazing come-back. I mean, even you know deep-down that 6th Grade is the best. If you do not agree with me, then let me spell it out for you. 

6 T H   G R A D E    R U L E S. Okay, BYE. LEAVE. NOW.